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The main thing

standing in the way

of the life you want

is unhealed trauma... 

and healing is the answer.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

I see you, my friend. And I want you to know you’re safe here.

My purpose for this page is to support you. To show you how you make sense. And to show you there is a way to change your current circumstances. Science says so, and I do, too.

That includes your reactions, responses, feelings, stuckness, and patterns. They aren’t happening because anything is wrong with you. They are happening because everything is right with you and science shows us that.


Our work is to show these parts (not simply tell them) you are safe to get unstuck.


And when that happens, you’ll begin to thrive. You’ll step into the life you’re meant to be living.


Come with me through this page so I can show you how all of this is true for you!

Sarah Baldwin

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"Two of the greatest gifts we get from healing are knowing our truth and feeling safe enough to communicate it and take steps towards it."

Want to work with me?

I know how scary this can feel. It makes sense for many reasons! If any part of you feels like this is your next right step, I invite you to click the link below and learn more about my group and online programs!

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